How to Cook 2820 Naira Ogbono Soup in less Than 30 Minutes

How to Cook 2820 Naira Ogbono Soup in less Than 30 Minutes

How to Cook Ogbono Soup

Ogbono is the fourth most popular soup in Nigeria

How to Cook 2820 Naira Ogbono Soup in less Than 30 Minutes

With a budget of N2,820 you can prepare a mouth-watering ogbono soup in less than  .30 minutes

When you get to the market you can buy all these ingredients to make this delicious soup

  • Ground Ogbono                                            N250
  • Goat Meat                                                     N1000
  • Kpomo                                                           N200
  • Smoked Fish                                                  N300
  • Stock Fish                                                       N300
  • Shaki N300
  • Fresh Red Pepper                                           N50
  • Fresh Yellow Pepper                                       N50
  • Opeyi                                                              N10
  • Onion                                                             N50
  • Ground Pepper                                              N60
  • Crayfish                                                          N50
  • Palm Oil                                                         N150
  • Seasoning Cubes                                           N50

                                                        Total Cost N2820

Instruction on How To Cook Ogbono Soup

Add Palm oil into the pot, allow to heat up for 30 secs.

Add the grounded Ogbono to the heated palm oil and stir for some minutes to allow mixture of both, give a little time for the Ogbono to melt perfectly.

Add chopped pepper and Onion, stir properly to combine, allow for 5 minutes to make sure proper combination of the mixtures.

Add water or preferably stock fish water, stir to give a proper mixture for about 2 to 3 minutes.

Cover the pot for some minutes to allow the soup to get mixed up.

After some minutes stir the soup that is already half done.

Add meats like Goat meat, Shaki and Kpomo, stir allow the meat to mix with the Ogbono.

For seasoning, add crayfish, grounded pepper and opeyi the local seasoning and later seasoning cubes.

Add some shredded smoke fish, stock fish to improve the taste.

Add sprinkle of salt, stir everything together for perfect Ogbono Soup you desired.

Leave to boil for about 5 minutes, afterward add chopped Okro and stir for some minutes and it will surprise you that less than 30 minutes your Ogbono soup is will be ready.

For freshness add Pumpkin leave popularly known as Ugu and stir the soup for about 5 minutes, it is ready and can be taken with garri(Eba) or Fufu.

No matter your budget or recipes you can make a mouth-watering meals in few minutes.

How to Cook 2820 Naira Ogbono Soup in less Than 30 Minutes

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