“Oiless” Egusi and Uziza Soup Preparation

Egusi soup without oil is a good meal to be desired. So delicious and inviting. It is very easy to prepare. Below is the best method to prepare the soup. It can be taken with Garri, Fufu and Starch. The expression “oiless” in this formula, is gotten from little oil being utilized in cooking this soup.

The main oil being utilized is simply the one from the Egusi and the oil from the meat’s stock.

Egusi is very smooth and glossy, so you would truly not be missing a lot if you don’t use any palm oil.

Put some egusi into a mortar and pound it for a couple of moments, you would notice some oil coming out.

If you are watching you weight, then oiless egusi soup is one of the best Nigerian food formula for you.



  • Assorted meats(goat, chicken, hamburger)
  • 1½ cups Egusi powder
  • 1 huge onion(chop half)
  • 2 huge red chime peppers(tatase)(blended)
  • 3 habanero peppers. Ata-rodo
  • 2 tbsps. dry grounded pepper(chili chips)
  • 3tbsps crawfish
  • 1 enormous dry fish(soaked in high temp water and washed)
  • 3 cups ugu, spinach or kale or vegetables
  • ¼ cup hacked uziza leaves
  • bouillon
  • Salt to taste


Pound the egusi seed with a mortar, put pepper popularly called Atarodo and Tatase. Put the pounded egusi and pepper into a blender for further blending.

Wash and put the meat inside a clean pot. Season with salt, 1 tbsp. of crawfish, 2 tbsps. dry grounded pepper, salt, bouillon(if necessary) and the excess onion.

Pour a reasonable quantity of water to the  meats and cover firmly. Cook until meat is soften. Empty the mixed tatase into the pot and mix.

Empty the egusi into the pot with the meat and tatase. Try not to mix. Cover the pot and cook until the egusi is half okay; at that point mix. Add the excess crawfish, dry fish and vegetables. Cook for another 3-4minutes; at that point add the uziza leaves, mix and put in a safe spot. Present with any swallow, rice or sweet potato

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